Dive into a mysterious universe. Solve puzzles, have fun and win ETH

Become the hero of the village and solve captivating quests in a fantastic world with enchanting landscapes.

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Volume 1

1,000 Nfts

Solve the puzzles

More than 120 Eth to earn every month

20% of revenue donated to charities

What is the project's goal?

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking universe where mystery and adventure reign supreme! Each week, you will be transported to an exciting quest with formidable puzzles, with the goal of solving them as quickly as possible to win ETH rewards.

Explore new worlds, meet intriguing characters and decipher the most complex puzzles to prove your talent and pocket the winnings.

You will also have the chance to win exclusive NFTs, adding an extra dimension to your adventure. Use these precious artifacts to obtain crucial clues, unlock unique advantages and dominate the leaderboard.

But the generosity doesn't stop there: each week, we will designate a charitable association, chosen by our loyal community, to receive 20% of the collected winnings. Together, we are turning the joy of playing into a positive force for others.

So, get ready to embark on an epic adventure and take on the toughest challenges to conquer the hidden treasures and provide a better future for those in need. Destiny awaits you, and glory is within reach!


13/05/2023 - Mint of 10 ambassadors (0.4ETH)

Imagine a project where the power of the community is the key to success, where each member has a crucial role to play. Today, we are offering you a unique opportunity to join this epic adventure by opening 10 exclusive spots to become ambassadors of our project! As an ambassador, you will not only benefit from a substantial percentage of sales, but you will also have a decision-making power in the growth and development of this great odyssey. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to make history and participate in the creation of a project that will revolutionize the way we play!

27/05/2023 - Mint of 100 WL (0.04ETH)

Throughout our glorious campaign, we have tirelessly worked to champion our noble cause, offering coveted positions within our prestigious WL. Driven by our passion and unwavering determination, we have weathered storms and obstacles to offer our valiant supporters an honor worthy of their commitment.

28/05/2023 -Mint Volume 1 of 900 Nfts (0.04ETH)

The fateful day is approaching, the one that everyone is eagerly and nervously waiting for. This day of the mint, where only the fastest and most determined will be able to claim one of the 900 coveted spots. In this epic and merciless battle, every second will count. The most seasoned will know how to rise to the occasion and join the ranks of those who have made history. Remember, this day of the mint is not for the faint-hearted or the undecided. You will need unwavering determination and lightning-fast reflexes to grab the much-desired Grail.

10/06/2023 - Launch of the first quest

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived! The time has come to launch the first quest, and with it, the start of your epic and thrilling adventure. You are about to take your first steps into a world where courage, tenacity and intelligence will be the keys to your success. Your mission begins now!

30/06/2023 - Mint of Volume 2 10,000 Nfts (0.1ETH)

Today, my friends, we enter a new era: Volume 2, the long-awaited final version, has finally arrived with 10,000 new spots! The holders of Volume 1 NFTs have not been forgotten, far from it! Their initial investment will be transformed into an unshakable force, as their Volume 1 NFTs will not only be compatible with this new version, but will also benefit from an invaluable advantage.